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So Exactly What Is This Blog All About?

See that pic on the right? Is it hot? I think so. You get sexy views of butts, holes, heels and soles. Gotta have a butt fetish, foot fetish or a combination of both to understand. Problem is most if not all porn studios don't include regular shots like this in their scenes. These are rare shots. And they shouldn't be. My goal is to find the studios, scenes and stars that give us these "superfecta" shots to point you in the right direction. It's all about butts, holes, heels and soles. Enjoy guys.

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Anonymous asked
what is that scene called from fuckermate?



This scene you want to know about features 3 stars:

  1. Christian Bunda
  2. David Montenegro
  3. and, Christian Bunda’s amazing bubble butt

I have watched this scene at least 7 times now. The only thing that would have made this scene perfect would have been getting shots of Christian’s soles in the shot/frame as well. Every single porn scene should be about butts, holes, heels and soles. Christian’s butt was perfection! Fucker Mate did an excellent job with this one. Hope they do more and more and more and more and more ;-)

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Kind of done with Doc Tay Tay at least for now. He definitely has a sexy butt and a sexy pair of feet. Butt his webcam shows are more humour and fun rather than butt and feet focused. You do see shots of his butt … in 10 second intervals here and there. I want to see him face down  — butt up — soles up for at least 5 minutes. None of his scenes do that. Hot guy though.

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Spurt-Aid: Mitch Vaughn

Whenever in a need of a Mitch Vaughn fix, this scene from MEN co-starring Shay Michaels does the trick. It’s one of his rare scenes that really focuses in on his round butt from a nice angle. Foot lovers will also get a few shots of his feet, heels and soles. A definite “not-to-miss” scene for Mitch Vaughn aficionados.

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