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    All sex is good sex (well most times ;-) butt when two different skin tones are intertwined it becomes great sex. The visuals alone are amazing.

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    A hot guy gets an 8 out of 10. A guy wearing a baseball cap. . .9/10. If he turns it backwards. . .10/10.
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Not quite. If you prefer cocks, stroking cocks, licking cocks, sucking cocks and watching cocks during fuck scenes then the world is your proverbial oyster. We have always envied guys who could select a porn scene at random and have no trouble getting off and moving on.

However, if you have a preference for male butts, bubble butts, thrusting butts, freckled butts, chocolate butts, butts in action, holes and gaping holes; then unfortunately most times you are out of luck. And even worse if you have a foot fetish. Porn studios seem for the most part to avoid, forget or simply ignore butts and feet during the filming, editing and final release of porn scenes. We want to highlight scenes that feature butts, holes, heels and soles.

Here's your jumping point for all things butts, holes, heels and soles.
  • July 30, 2014
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The Ultimate Foreplay

If I could get every guy I fuck to start out doing this, I’d never leave my bedroom ;-)

  • July 30, 2014
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Christian Xavier Mystery Scene
The sexy bottom above is Christian Xavier. I know most of his scenes, butt I don’t know anything about this one — other than it looks really hot and I want to see it ;-) Looks as if this scene has great butt, hole, heel and soles shots.

Christian Xavier Mystery Scene

The sexy bottom above is Christian Xavier. I know most of his scenes, butt I don’t know anything about this one — other than it looks really hot and I want to see it ;-) Looks as if this scene has great butt, hole, heel and soles shots.

  • July 30, 2014
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A Cottage Romp Disappoints

My fault really. Whenever I see these two words together … .”Gabriel Clark" … . I immediately start thinking with my lower head. So I rejoined Men of Montreal thinking I’d get great shots of Gabriel’s butt, hole, heels and soles — butt no such luck. Tabarnak. There was even a baseball cap in this scene as well (another sexy fetish). Maybe next time.

  • July 30, 2014

justanothercorner said: Hello, I run a porn blog too called "no talk, just sex" and I just came across that anonymous question sent to you about Mike Dozer. I agree with your statement that it wouldn't feel right to put him or his physique on a pedestal. You mentioned 3 others you don't feature because of their racist and/or homophobic remarks. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing who they were because I wouldn't feel right posting them especially, as a gay Aboriginal.



There are quite a few actually. I will not post pictures of Brock Richmond, Tony Douglas, Trenton Ducati, Marc Dylan, Zane Tucker Todd and now Ryan Rose. Do they care? Of course not. Butt I care. And so should you — especially any one within the LGBT community.

Badlands is a club located in San Francisco. And at one time the club’s management went out of its way to discourage blacks, asians and latinos from gaining entry. I have always felt that the issue wasn’t management or the owner butt rather the silent gay patrons who continued visiting the establishment as if what was happening was okay. Mike Dozer, Active Duty, Badlands, Trenton Ducati, Marc Dylan, Mac (Sean Cody), Zane Tucker Todd and others listed herein have made statements that go beyond the pale. To brush off their comments or actions is reprehensible. Some of these guys have amazing butts (or feet), butt I feel it’s just plain wrong (or stupid) to act as if what they say or do doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I LOVE/LUST/NEED/CRAVE guys with bubble butts and sexy feet. Butt I’ll take a guy with a flat pancake backside and hammer toes who is just, fair, unbiased and accepting any day over a racist, homophobic asshole with a bubble butt and sexy feet.

When we stay silent and continue following these jerks — we are sending a message that says what you are doing and/or saying is okay by me. I just don’t want to be a part of that.

Mec Chocolat


  • July 27, 2014
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Zach Hood’s Large Round Beefy Backside

Prime" (get it ;-) example of why I LOVE/LUST watching Zach Hood from a backside view. His large and round beefy backside is an awesome sight. And get this: no distortions or photoshopping to make his butt bigger - this is it in it’s natural state. He’s also known as the pornstar with a thousand names including: Dario Levi, Erik Haaz, Eric Richter, Hannibal, Lance Strong, Thomas Friedel, Thomas Friedl, Thomas Ride, Thomas Riedel, Tom Zanka, Tomas Friedel, Tomas Friedl, Thomas Riedl, Tomm Friedl, Tomm Black, Tommy Tomfor, Zach Hood, Zack Hood, Zack Hood, Borek Has, Eric Navarro, Glen, Eric Tomfor and Mark.

  • July 21, 2014
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Kudos to True Blood

During last night’s episode of True Blood (Season 7, Episode 5), Jessica catches James having sex with Lafayette. What was so profound about this segment was not the sex or the reveal… .it was the wisely chosen wording by True Blood’s writers. Jessica exclaims to James that she “caught him fucking a man!” She didn’t say “I caught you getting fucked by a man”. For eons bottoming has been cast as “lesser than” “getting fucked” - mostly a negative connotation. True Blood’s writers and Jessica’s line puts both men on equal footing —- as it should be. They were having sex/fucking period. KUDOS TO TEAM TRUE BLOOD!

  • July 21, 2014
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Gotta Love The USA…Too Funny

This guy seriously cracked me up this morning. Too funny. Well not funny - sad really. However, his method of dealing with it is priceless.

  • July 20, 2014
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WWYD: Down In Mississippi

Whenever I want a little quick inspirational pickup, I re-watch this WWYD episode (over and over and over again). It’s just under 8:00 minutes in length but the moment that gets me every single time is right at the 6:00 Mark. I wish all straight guys could be like these two guys. I fell in love with them immediately. And please don’t get me started on that table of trash and sheer idiocy.

  • July 19, 2014
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Sebastian Young and Horus Sweet

Here’s another scene that disappointed. Once again Sebastian Young’s bubble butt was largely ignored throughout this scene. It’s like someone in film editing has a mental note to AVOID at all costs showing/including Sebastian’s bubble butt. Can’t figure it out. The only good thing to happen in this scene was the inclusion of the god of war’s crinkly soles for feet lovers. Only last a few seconds though.

  • July 19, 2014
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